Formerly, the acquisition of employees was limited to publishing a job advertisement and waiting for candidates to apply for it. Today you have to be much more proactive and often creative. We have the ambition to provide clients with precisely profiled employees whose skills and experience can guarantee success. Ambitious companies are betting on the RPO – recruitment process outsourcing. Why you should bet on our RPO services?

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) is a form of cooperation in which the client entrusts the agency with the management of the recruitment process. The scope and conditions of this cooperation are flexible and tailored to the client’s needs. Depending on the demand, the RPO may refer to a given project, sector in the company or rely completely on the outside of the recruitment process.
We are flexible – both in terms of the quote and the scope of the service.

RPO Services may include:
• Candidate sourcing
• Screening
• Scheduling interviews
• On-site services
• Pre-employment coordination
• Onboarding services
• Compliance
• Employer branding, job offers marketing and microsite development
• Employee retention services and exit interviews
• Reporting and Analysis


5 reasons why you should use our RPO services:


1. RPO saves you a lot

By outsourcing the acquisition of qualified employees you save, above all: time and money. The risk of incurring unnecessary costs associated with the start of the recruitment process is decreasing. As an agency, we are ready to look for employees right away and we know where to look for them. We have our own databases of specialists ready to change jobs at any time. Moreover, matching the ideal candidate means that you can be sure that he will not give up his job after completing the training, which would generate a loss of money invested in him. Thanks to RPO your HR staff can focus on important non-recruiting activities, while we take care of recruitment, conduct interviews with candidates and take care of the highest candidate experience possible.

2. RPO solves problems

RPO also helps make the recruitment process more professional, increase the efficiency of it and can significantly reduce the time of looking for an employee. It does not matter if you need new, competent employees to develop a new department or you are struggling with the outflow of the management staff or you simply want to optimize the recruitment processes in the company. As an agency, we use our knowledge of the market, experience in the industry and access to talent resources, making it we guarantee a high level of candidate competence, we shorten the time needed for recruitment and we reduce your costs. And always adapt our activities to your current needs and capabilities.

3. RPO means flexibility

Outsourcing recruitment processes is a solution that provides flexibility. You can delegate to us individual tasks or a larger range of services, and focus on the other business activities. The scale of mutual cooperation is adapted to the client needs and can be very wide. We are able to support you through a range of flexible models. Depending on the current needs of your company and team, we can involve a large recruitment team or a few consultants in your processes. Regardless of the number of resources involved, the company entrusting the recruitment process will always pay only for the staffed positions.

4. RPO drives standards

Candidates who take part in the recruitment processes often complain about the lack of information on the planned recruitment stages and the feedback on their participation in the process. This can discourage them and negatively affect employer branding. This is a recurring problem of many companies in which recruitment processes are organized with the participation of various departments. Outsourcing the recruitment processes ensures standardization of it. Thanks to the involvement of the external partner, all elements will be consistent, communication will be easier and the process will be clear and predictable for each party. Maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process can be a big problem, especially in organizations with complex structures or operating in many locations. As an experienced provider of RPO services, we can effectively optimize your recruitment process, ensuring best practices and predictability of the recruitment process from both business and candidate perspectives.

5. RPO brings real talents

We have achieved the championship in recruiting specialists and C-level managers. Our RPO model gives you the opportunity to identify and acquire talents for your organization by our recruiting professionals. They not only focus on understanding the current recruitment needs but can also develop a long-term talent strategy for the company. This will help to match the candidates both to the position and the organization itself. Due to the variety of our clients’ needs, we diversify the channels of reaching candidates, which allows us to acquire only those with unique competencies and skills ready to embrace the most demanding positions. What’s more, using our outsourcing services you have the access to exclusive know-how and the database of experienced, verified specialists. You can use these resources when your business needs them most while focusing only on your business.

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