It is a truth universally acknowledged that a company will not exist without the employees. A top-notch and organised team consistently striving to accomplish the delineated goals, is not only the driving force of the company but also helps it to grow. Today, we are writing about the steps that should be taken in the fields of organising the staff and managing its skills and potential in order to achieve even more. In other words, we are pleased to present the concept of Talent Mapping and explain what it is, how to do it and when it comes in handy.

Talent Mapping: the definition

To put it simply, Talent Mapping is about looking for connections between what the employees are able to do, what they are passionate about or what their talents are and what a company needs for its development on a macro scale. It is also about creating human resources plans that enable deducing who else (and with what competences) needs to be employed and which skills of your current employees are worth cultivating. Moreover, Talent Mapping is flexible and can be easily adjusted to changes both in the company and in the surrounding business environment. It is also looking to the future and trying to predict by what means and thanks to whom the business can succeed and achieve the goals.

talent mapping helps your company grow

On the other hand, Talent Mapping on a micro scale is about finding a suitable place for every employee with particular skills and assigning them tasks enhancing their progress.
Such actions allow employees to determine a career path and conceptualise their development.

Talent Mapping – when is it useful?

Talent Mapping is particularly valuable when your company is dynamically growing and you aim to achieve specific goals and objectives. However, “always” seems to be another correct answer – Talent Mapping appears to be continuously beneficial as it facilitates the use of your employees’ potential and more importantly, affects their development in a way that allows them to feel fulfilled.

How to conduct Talent Mapping?

It would be advisable to outsource Talent Mapping to an external company, such as ours, that will conduct a comprehensive research about your company, competition in the market and the industry you operate in. As part of the research, you will participate in many conversations that will help determine your goals and a preferred candidate profile. Consequently, you will be able to prepare a plan for a recruitment or internal employee trainings or perhaps even both of these processes.

talent mapping is a useful skill


Talent Mapping is about creating a long-term strategy that will enhance both economic and dynamic development of the company. You should consider investing in it to increase not only your employees’ skills but also but also the potential of your enterprise.