The IT industry does not slow down, and the demand for programmers is constantly growing. Also, other IT specialists such as project managers, product designers, and marketing department employees are needed.

So how to find a job in the desired position? Web sites with job advertisements dedicated to IT are great in this regard. In this article, we will present the best websites concerning the IT sector in the Polish market.


No Fluff Jobs is a job board, which sets high standards for itself. The scope of the job can be limited not only to typical programming positions but also to those associated with the IT industry such as project managers, UX designers or HR workers.

Job offers can also be sorted by location, salary, required skills and the ability to work remotely. The portal also has an extensive list of IT companies, on which we can check if any of them is looking for programmers.

2. includes a forum and a compendium for developers. In the „work” tab you can find both full-time jobs and one-time IT projects. The offers can be sorted according to skills, location, and pay. Also, most advertisements have a lot of information about the possibility and scope of remote work, e.g., „30% of remote work”.


A very complex portal for programmers. It’s a job board that allows you to search for a position according to a specific location, technology, and type of job (programmer, analyst, admin, etc.). Another option allows you to search for jobs related to experience – junior, mid and senior. Offers can be sorted by the selected salary range. Here you will also find an extensive list of IT company profiles with information about their job offers, projects, and benefits.


This website is aimed at people who want to join ambitious startups. The possibilities of a job search are very rich. Offers can be sorted according to:

  • the scope of work (mainly programmers, but also managerial or marketing positions)
  • location
  • type of work (full-time employment, internship, B2B)
  • the size and level of advancement of the startup (phase of development, expansion, etc.)
  • key skills

Here you will also find an extensive list of Polish startups.


It’s not only a website with job offers in the IT industry but also a real map of this market. It’s really easy to check where you can find a better job eg. as a programmer. An interesting feature of this site are live-streams with Polish programmers working abroad for such brands as Google, Facebook and Dropbox.


The final job board described here also allows you to search for a job by location and keywords. The offers that are presented not only include information about the required skills and technologies but also type of contract – full-time employment, B2B/contract, contract to perform a specified task. Some positions also have information about the offered payment.

The portals listed above will help you find a job in the IT industry. Browse them regularly, and you’ll find a job that’s right for you.

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