In recruitment, your CV is your business card. You’ve heard many times that it has to show not only professional experience and interests but also your character. Maybe nobody has heard about you yet but in a few years? Take care of your CV, because one day it can be included in our list.

What were the applications for well-known people before they became famous? Let’s have a look!

Steve Jobs

Be yourself. Maybe you’ll be the next Steve! An authentic CV, submitted by Jobs in 1973, sold at auction in 2018 for $ 50,000.
He wrote skills related to computers and calculators, but he did not provide a contact number because he did not have a telephone…



Bill Gates

Below is a fragment of Bill Gates’ application from 1974.
Wanting to work as a systems analyst or computer system programmer, he probably did not foresee the huge success of Microsoft. What is striking? His was happy to accept any salary!


Sergey Brin

Currently, Brin is one of the richest and most powerful people in the technology industry. But back in 1996, he did not stand out from other Ph.D. students. A candidate like that – at least on paper:



Elon Musk


It is rather unlikely that the founder of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity will look for employment in the near future. But take a look at his CV: if an innovative billionaire can fit all his work experience on one page, you can too!



Unfortunately, we are not in possession of Mark Zuckerberg’s resume. Maybe it’s because he never needed any? If you are not in such a comfortable situation, take the proper preparation of your CV. How?

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