Preparing for a job interview with a company that is unknown to the potential employee is simply the art of analyzing data available on the Internet. Here, job offers provide the basic and concise information about the position you are applying for. If they do not include a phone number to contact the recruiter who would give you detailed information about the job position, you have to guess what questions can be asked during the interview and prepare a list of those you would like to ask on the basis of the information from the job advertisement. Today, we will analyze one of the job offers available in our database – Java Team Leader – and we will tell you how to prepare for an interview on its basis.

Job interview preparation. What can you learn from the job offer and how to make use of it?

Naturally job offers contain descriptions of job requirements and basic information about duties and salaries. Relying on this material you can easily prepare information about what you have learned from your previous jobs, what is your experience and, more importantly, why you have resigned and why you are applying for the new job.

how to prepare for a job interview

What sometimes cannot be found in job offers?

Sometimes it happens that in the job offer there is no information which company is conducting recruitment process (as in the case of the job advertisement discussed above). In this situation you may want to ask the following questions:

  • what does the company do?
  • in which field does it operate?
  • who created the company?
  • what is the employee turnover in the company?
  • and finally – why is the recruitment process partially confidential?

It may also happen that the job description or your duties as an employee will be omitted or very superficial. Apart from the obvious question “what would my job responsibilities consist of?” you should also ask about the following issues:

  • is the scope of responsibilities permanent or is it subjected to changes?
  • will I report on the progress of the tasks performed (and to whom if so)?
  • to what extent am I responsible for the project completion?
  • am I free to organise my work and, if so, to what extent?
  • does the work include group or individual activities?

preparing for a job interview

Finally, it’s time for the most interesting and appealing part of the job offer: the salary. Very often companies indicate the type of the contract they offer and the salary bracket. If it is not given, it is more than certain that you will want to ask about it. Additionally, it is advisable to find out more about the following issues:

  • what additional provisions are included in the contract? (is there attached any annex on the prohibition of competition or professional secrecy?)
  • are the benefit provisions mentioned in the job advertisement included in the contract?

Preparing for a job interview – to sum up

We hope that our article inspired you to make your own analysis when it comes to substantive preparation for the job interviews, even those resulting from very concise job offers. Here, first and foremost skill will be to draw conclusions based on the provided information but we believe that you will easily manage to cope with that task.