Very recently, the YouTube channel of the well-known company JYSK was in the Internet’s limelight after Piotr Padalak, its Polish chief executive officer, explained in one of the videos how to correctly pronounce the brand name and where JYSK actually comes from. Moreover, in the remaining parts of the video the employees talked about working for the company. Such an advertising activity is a model example of Employer Branding. So today, we’re going to discuss what Employer Branding is, where it originates, why it’s actually so important and finally, how it can be implemented and applied in your own company.

Employer Branding – what it is?

To put it simply, Employer Branding is about building an employer’s brand and conducting such activities that will help you to present your company as an employee-friendly work environment. These advertising activities aim to show why people working for you want to do it, why they are satisfied and what development opportunities or benefits are available to them. And more importantly, it’s also about demonstrating how harmonious and mutually supportive community you create. All of these need to be done in a natural way because, although Employer Branding is intended to present a certain image of your company, it shouldn’t be the distortion of reality and it ought to reflect the actual working conditions in your team.

Where does Employer Branding come from?

EB is a relatively new concept which appeared at the end of the 1990s. For the first time it was used by Simon Barrow and Tim Ambler, the authors of the article “The Employer Brand” in which they wrote how 4 positive factors are mutually stimulating for business. Reliable employees provide quality services, quality services build a good reputation of your brand, this in turn attracts reliable potential employees and that’s how a virtuous circle is created.

employer branding how to implement

How to implement Employer Branding in your company?

Employer Branding can be implemented in your company in two basic ways or you can combine them into one coherent process. You can focus either on internal branding, which positively affects your current employees’ motivation and commitment level or on external branding, which will help you to attract desirable potential staff members to your company.

An example of activities within the internal EB will be a system of employee referrals, courses, organization of various competitions or integration events. On the other hand, when it comes to external EB you can, similarly to JYSK, make use of videos to showcase your work ethics and business.

employer branding why is so important

Why EB is so important?

What benefits does Employer Branding give you? The general objectives of well thought-out employee marketing include:

  • presenting your company to potential employees as a friendly work environment;
  • building the image of a business supporting the development of its staff members;
  • creating a harmonious community among the already employed team members.

If now you’re wondering about implementing the EB strategy to your business, remember about the importance of authenticity and naturalness.

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