Why you should consider RPO Services from Poland?

27 May 2019 | Recruitment Tips
Formerly, the acquisition of employees was limited to publishing a job advertisement and waiting for candidates to apply for it. Today you have to be much more proactive and often creative. We have the ambition to provide clients with precisely profiled employees...

10 signs that you need a recruitment agency

17 May 2019 | Knowledge Tips
The recruitment agency not only helps you hire valuable employees and find the best specialists on the market. Hiring an agency to help filling in staff shortages or in response to demand in human resources is a lot more – it can become your company’s...

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Candidates During Job Interviews

26 April 2019 | Tips
jakich błędów nie popełniać na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej
If you are looking for a job, interviews are one of those meetings that undoubtedly evoke a whole range of emotions in you. From the excitement that you are having the interview for the dream job to stress, doubts or even anticipating the future: “How will I do?”,...