Looking for a job? See the resumes of famous people and get inspired!

27 June 2019 |
The CV is your business card. You’ve heard many times that it has to show not only professional experience and interests but also your character. Maybe nobody has heard about you yet but in a few years? Take care of your CV, because one day it can be included in our...

Hey Dev, you should complete your profile on LinkedIn!

23 May 2019 |
As a sought-after Dev, do you ask yourself why recruiters keep sending you job offers that are not suited to your experience? How many times have you had to answer them that the offer is not right for you? Instead of ignoring recruitment messages and closing potential...

TOP 6 Polish IT job boards

13 May 2019 |
The IT industry does not slow down, and the demand for programmers is constantly growing. Also, other IT specialists such as project managers, product designers, and marketing department employees are needed. So how to find a job in the desired position? Web sites...