What is Talent Mapping?

18 December 2018 | Tips
talent mapping
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a company will not exist without the employees. A top-notch and organised team consistently striving to accomplish the delineated goals, is not only the driving force of the company but also helps it to grow. Today, we are...

How to smoothly onboard new employees? Guide for the employer.

26 October 2018 | Tips
Warto dobrze zaplanować pierwszy dzień w pracy
Finally, after the recruitment process and rejecting hundreds (or even thousands) CVs, you managed to find an appropriate employee. Soon, he or she will start a first day in the new team. So, how to plan onboarding well in order to prepare our new employees for...

What is the Assessment Center?

8 October 2018 | Tips
Assessment centres zakładają pracę w grupie
What is the assessment center? In simple words, this is a way of assessing competencies, during which candidates are observed by a team of trained and independent raters, also called assessors. In practice, this method allows recruiters to get to know the potential...