Looking for a job? See the resumes of famous people and get inspired!

27 June 2019 |
The CV is your business card. You’ve heard many times that it has to show not only professional experience and interests but also your character. Maybe nobody has heard about you yet but in a few years? Take care of your CV, because one day it can be included in our...

Rejection? It’s the first step to success!

20 June 2019 |
  When you are looking for a job, usually you send several applications. You get the test tasks, finally a recruitment interview comes. Unfortunately, some time after it you hear “Sorry, we chose someone else”. If you heard “no” from a...

The candidate’s experience: treat candidates as customers

6 June 2019 |
Candidate Experience is one of the hottest recruitment topics nowadays. What exactly does it mean and why is it so important?   It’s quite natural that companies focused on success care about their clients. They constantly improve contacts with them and raise customer...